Deacon Bill's Place - Liturgy

Liturgy is the privileged place of catechesis because in it we profess what we believe, we uncover what we didn’t know we believed, we emphasize certain aspects of our belief, and we shape it to fit our beliefs.

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As Deacon's, our ministry at the alter is a vital part of our visible ministry. There are some things that should just be done right. That's why we have rubrics!

General Instructions of the Roman Missal (GIRM)


That being said, there are some things that can catch us off-guard. On a particular day, the Archbishop said Mass at the Cathedral without a Master of Ceremonies, so it fell to me to act as one. I was lost as to what, when and where while handling the Miter and Croiser.

I contacted the Chancellor (the usual MOC at that time) the next day and he gave me the following information:  Miter On! Miter Off!


Many priests have abandoned the use of the Pall at the alter. However, it is making a comeback, especially with some of the younger priests. Anyway, if you have never had to deal with one, great. But eventually you might need the info below:

Pall on! Pall off!